Friday, 11 December 2015

Why do we love dogs

A group of gorillas came across a deer cub in the forest. They decided to keep the cub as their pet. But their games got too rough and the cub died. They continued to play with the dead cub for another half hour before realising it was dead and then they abandoned it. This was a special case. Normally animals do not keep other animals as pets. A monkey does not take a dog for a walk unless it has been trained by humans to do so in a circus or for any other purpose of entertainment.
So in spite of being a time consuming, energy consuming and most importantly a money consuming enterprise why do we still keep dogs? We have to look after dogs like a child and not the other way round unless it is a guide dog.
We have kids and look after them to maintain continuity of our genes and also in the faint hope that they would take care of us in our old age. But dogs cannot do that. Still then why do so many people keep dogs?
The answer is that dogs love us unconditionally. They do not care if we are beautiful, ugly, black or white, believe in any particular religion or an atheist. They do not care about our political views. They do not care if we are poor or rich. They just love us for who we are. They wait at the door when they know we are coming home. They welcome us in ecstasy every time and any time we come back home.
We can grow bored of toys, discard beautiful dresses, or expensive cars or mobiles, but we can never grow tired of our dogs. From the puppy stage right till their old age they are constantly surprising us and giving us happiness.
We may be awful cooks, but they would never complain unlike other humans (like spouses and children). They would wolf down our offerings and then ask for second helpings! All of us must have at some point of time felt like naming our dogs after our bosses, but that would be an insult to the dogs. Dogs are not psychos like some of our bosses or office colleagues.  They are great exercise partners. We would have to take them out for their walks every day come hell or high water, thus ensuring that we get our exercise as well. And as everybody knows exercise and unconditional love are two things that definitely help to improve the mood.
So dear reader, when you’re feeling down and thinking no one loves you, you can always have a dog, a playful and joyous partner to make you feel better. Dogs love to snuggle, they love to put their head in your lap, and they let you know that no matter what, they love you, and always will.

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