Thursday, 18 August 2016

Updates on Vikram Rana Investigates

Gaurav was wearing a white shirt with a dark suit and blue tie. He looked very much like the posed photographs in the magazines and television interviews he gave. How could a man be so formal even in the privacy of his own home? Vikram thought in wonder. It was evident that he put in a lot of time and effort on his appearance. His movements were extremely graceful, though he had an arrogant expression on his face. He would have been very attractive, but for his haughty, slightly disdainful expression, as though he had a bad smell under his nose.
‘Mr Vikram Rana? Inspector Reddy? Please be seated.’ His manner was stiff and formal.

They sat down. The room was air conditioned and extremely chilly. There was only a little light coming from one window, and the dimness aggravated the cold atmosphere. 
‘As I understand, you wanted to question me regarding my wife’s murder.’
He said the words ‘my wife’s murder’ in a peculiar way, as if he had difficulty in getting the words out.
Did Gaurav Lohia really kill his wife Richa Lohia?

Find out more in Vikram Rana Investigates.

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