Thursday, 7 September 2017

This is a review of my book A Season for Dying in Amazon. I just had to share this because this kind of reviews makes me want to be the world's best writer and continue to entertain my readers. 
Thank you Chandini K I don't know you, but I will forever be grateful to you, because you make me a better writer as I want to please you even more with my next book .
Here is the review:
oh my goodness!! had to give it 5 stars because I couldn't find a single flaw!
1. Good writing? check! (No extensive use of Thesaurus just to sound fancy, simple and smooth writing with impeccable editing)
2. Plot and Story? check! (well researched, not a hollow story with insensible plot. Might not be Sherlock Holmes standards where the twist is at the end you can see it coming but it's totally worth the read too!)
3. Creativity? a 100% check (amidst conventional romantic crap written by the popular but idiotic indian writers this book is actually amazing. Makes one wanna say, "who said Indians can't write crime stories?"
keep up the good work sharmishtha and yes please invest in some marketing.

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